A New Build on an Old Lot by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal




Ruth Sabath Rosenthal is a New York City poet, well published in the U.S. and, also, internationally. In October 2006, her poem “on yet another birthday” was nominated for a Pushcart prize. Ruth has authored a chapbook Facing Home and 5 full-length books: Facing Home and beyond;  little, but by no means small;  Food: Nature vs  Nurture;  Gone, but Not Easily Forgotten and  Of My Labor.

Ruth’s websites: https://newyorkcitypoet.com  and https://bigapplepoet.com  and her blog:  https://poetrybyruthsabathrosenthal.com  






















A New Build on an Old Lot













our new house

so like the ones before

utterly still but for

even fiercer currents

of indifference charging

through long corridors

& spiral stairs winding `round &

`round the mausoleum-

like structure





each still

dead set against

getting anywhere

near one another

even accidentally




Ruth Sabath Rosenthal



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