Climate migrant by Juliet Fossey



Juliet Fossey is a poet who likes being outside, sketching, scribbling and walking. When not out in the great outdoors, she enjoys working on interdisciplinary projects that include music and art as well as poetry. Her writing process often involves cobbling bits of work together that may start with string or old bird nests which are gradually crafted into poems. You might find her lost on the Cumbria fell side staring at moss.

























                A Humming-bird Hawk Moth has drifted

too far North and found

                                                            our back lane of flowers

with existential levitation it thrums            feeding on valerian

darting       plume                    to                  plume                                

a day dancer                        a furry headed nectar mouse         

     in one beat             of stillness                 with proboscis inserted

       it exacts sweetness

                                                      from each red glove of scent.



Juliet Fossey



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