Pole Star by Kate Firth



Formerly an actress, Kate Firth is a voice coach based in Barcelona. She has had poems published in various anthologies and magazines. Passionate about poetry as an oral as well as written tradition, she has performed at Bristol, Cheltenham and Winchester poetry festivals.























Pole Star









Time to travel you north

and go you to snow

and slip you softly

down the mountain

to your sleep;


your pillowed head in frosty sunlight

melt yourself to snowdrift wings,

where cold is warm

and nevermore dreams

you flying smoothly

over ice.


Waken you to sky

in starbright dark


wisen your wondering

with speechless witness


be still

and pole star true:


breathe the freeze

of time sparkled forest


pure as wind

pure as wind.


Kate Firth



First Published in Venus Reborn, Chrysalis Poetry 2013


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