Two Poems by Lydia Fulleylove



Lydia Fulleylove lives on the Isle of Wight where her love of sea and landscape has provided a rich creative resource and inspiration for the combined arts projects she leads, including Estuary, Riverlines and Wild Places. Lydia’s first collection, Notes on Sea and Land was published by HappenStance Press in 2011. Her poem ‘Night Drive’ was shortlisted for the Forward Best Single Poem Prize in 2011. Her second collection Estuary, in collaboration with artist Colin Riches, was published by Two Ravens Press in 2014. Her writing has been included in a range of magazines and publications including Chalk Poets, (2016), Salt on the Coals, (Winchester Poetry Prize 2016), Earthlinesand The Guardian. The second poem, ‘Limerstone Down’, is from Lydia’s new collection, Ampersand, published by Valley Press which is forthcoming in 2022.






















Walking towards Dungewood Farm








You might almost think                                             

that this land is as                                                             

it once was – these fields,                                                

this path, flecked with vetch,

scabious, clovers,

goatsbeard, ragwort, while

either side grasses

long, gold, are swaying,

the blackthorn unhacked

the promise of sloes,

bramble a prayer

of pink blossom.

Over there, Dungewood

idles into earth,

windows welcoming

birds, the roof long flown,

the old farmers camped

in a caravan,

a few sheep asleep

on the rough slope

of Samba hill, geese

in the orchard’s keep,

everything flowering,

seeding as if

forever. From here

you can’t see the ranks

of cauliflowers,

potatoes, maize, wheat

in the red dust soil.


In this gentle wild

a green kindness

has settled:






          self heal


Lydia Fulleylove


“Below is an extract from Ampersand, a sequence of poems and prose in response to my mother’s war diaries written while she was in the WAAF between 1942 and 1945. This collection will be published later in 2022 by Valley Press.” Lydia Fulleylove


17th January 1943   Radar Defence Training Camp, Yatesbury    

We are living in a very bleak and lonely spot of the Wiltshire Downs, which in rainy weather is anything but desirable. But today, when everything is gold and blue – like a creation by Van Gogh – nothing could be lovelier. Flat supple rolls of hills, bare except for occasional knots of trees; & here & there, like small grass green bubbles, old barrows covering the regal dust of ancient kings. It is very lovely, but people still refuse to see it, & grumble at the grey white mud to which the camp is attached.  But lord! How the grey white mud of the camp blinds our eyes & prevents us from seeing.




Limerstone Down












across the marsh

towards the down

the crack and snap

of frozen grass

the slant path up


the blackthorn coombe

in lichen-light

a kestrel starts

a raven krarks

scrub lit by frost

the dance of feet

on chalk, mud, flint

I look up – out

from self – from thought


Lydia Fulleylove


Lydia’s forthcoming collection, Ampersand, will be published later in 2022 by Valley Press.


Night Walk on the Yar Estuary by Lydia Fulleylove