Before the First Bite by Stephanie Stanton



Stephanie Stanton is a former science teacher, now teaching primary in a Medway school. Fairly new to writing poetry, she is an enthusiastic member of the mid-Kent Stanza group, occasionally performing at various open mic venues and has recently had a poem published in The Curlew.


















From beneath grey tarpaulin

perched on upturned crates

we push back our hoods

and inspect the fruit


both breathless. I was certain

we were lost forever, enchanted by

endless rows of jewelled giants until

we stumble upon the treacherous


ladders of our mothers. Harvest for them

is serious work; reaching precariously

stretching income. Neither can pick

the greater nuisance – us or the weather


The rustles, creaks and squeaks of our

waterproofs chatter sporadically

with the torrent as our tiny fingers chase

rain futilely from blushing contours


writhing at the cold trickles worming across

skin, growing branch-like tributaries under

gathered cuffs. Nowhere sees escape from

the damp.

              We raise apples to wide mouths.



Stephanie Stanton