Biophilia by Jane Lovell



Jane Lovell is an award-winning poet whose work is steeped in natural history, science and folklore. Her latest collection is This Tilting Earth published by Seren. Jane also writes for Elementum Journal. She is currently Writer-in-Residence at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and runs the Mid Kent Stanza group for the Poetry Society.




















The light is green, synthetic.


It steals between leaves, over floors,

breezes up walls, remembers last night’s

rainfall, its traces of fluorescence.


Flashes of colour shriek below domed

ceilings, land on far balconies, curl

around ropes of ivy, dip and preen.


We gather strange, nameless fruits

from designated trees.

Revolving orbs resume their humming.


Bewitched by cool beams of chloro-lamps,

luna moths descend from the canopy,

dissolve us in their whirring phosphorescence.


No one will find us here.

From outside we are barely visible:

just glimpses between fronds and fans of leaf,


our paths eclipsed by mighty tigers.


Jane Lovell