Stained Glass, Cartmel Priory by Geraldine Green




Geraldine Green is a creative writing tutor, editor and poet, with three poetry collections (Indigo Dreams Publishing) and four chapbooks. Her work is widely anthologised in the UK and USA.

As well as readings, workshops and a residential at Brantwood, this autumn sees her reading at two festivals: Borderlines Festival in Carlisle and the Kendal Mountain Literature Festival. In 2011 she gained a PhD in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Geraldine is writer-in-residence at the Quaker Tapestry Museum, Kendal. She was born, and still lives, in Cumbria with her husband Geoff and their Border collie, Roy.

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Stained Glass,

Cartmel Priory

(after The Sleeping Lord, David Jones




Strange, walking not on water

but on remains


and still the tree’s light comes through

old glass watering me under


and are the patterns on the glass

            the branching architecture

mimicking of the forest

are the leaves

            diamond-paned shadows


do wild birds sing

in these coloured images?



            I’m uncertain

where I am


woodland                    water

storm   or       stoneland


the light here is not sunlight

it comes in ripples of surprises

and people.


Now I think I could become

stained glass

each one of my bones

hand crafted, sturdy


slant pieces of lead 


the glass of me.


Even the dark misericord crumbles

petrified trees, gnarled by a myriad hands


callused wood holds their bones and boles

 – roots are their palms

psalms sung here, centuries old

hold the music of stones.



Geraldine Green


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