Crackington Haven on New Year’s Eve by Kate Firth




Formerly an actress, Kate Firth is a voice coach based in Barcelona. She has had poems published in various anthologies and magazines. Passionate about poetry as an oral as well as written tradition, she has performed at Bristol, Cheltenham and Winchester poetry festivals.





















At the twist of the year, watching the whirl

of the world on the cliffs, a chaos of waves

flail in the sky, as the heavens weave

pearly curls of ivory. This storm

is skirring your ragged December 


through pebbles between your feet. Bubbling

suds creep to your ankles, the ooze

sucking the scum of your failures

back to the source. From the brook by the bridge,

fresh water pumps up in funnels


to skitter a river into the salt. Watching

this meeting of waters and ferment,

you ponder the froth     unable to fathom

the moment the stream stops     being a stream

and succumbs     to a vastness of sea.


Kate Firth


Previously published in Poems for a Liminal Age, Sentinel Publishing

(Ed. Mandy Pannett, SPM Publications, 2015)



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