Rattus Rattus by Kathryn Anna Marshall


Kathryn Anna Marshall has been writing poetry forever but has only recently made the leap from scribbling furtive notes on the backs of envelopes to sending her poetry into the world, since her diagnosis with M.E.

Kathryn is inspired by goings-on inside and outside her head and loves the puzzle of putting feelings onto a page. She mainly writes poetry, but also enjoys working with short short fiction and relishes the challenge of producing a good story in one hundred words. She has one publication to date, in Mslexia magazine as part of their Autumn showcase.



















Rattus Rattus





Rattus Rattus
Rattus Norvegicus 
cuss us, us Rattus
you can’t get away from us.


Bin divers, 
skip surfers
with our diseased calling cards –
but I’m sick of sneaking
through the soup of your waste
watching for poisons
and baiting
and traps
while your rubbish
keeps piling and piling my home.


It seems you forget 
in your arrogant way
there were fields—
where I once freely roamed. 


Kathryn Anna Marshall


Maiden Castle by Kathryn Anna Marshall