Lacerations by Gary Beck

Gary Beck spent his life as a theatre director. He has  published 24 poetry collections, 7 novels, 3 short story collections, a collection of essays and a book of one-act plays. He lives in NYC.





Electronic Purchasing


Rural folk

used to look different

than city folk

who spent more on clothes,

more aware of style,

until the information age

when internet technology

made it easier

to shop at home,

harsh weather,

dangerous streets

prime motivation

to buy online.



Death Calls


Living creatures

are disappearing

faster and faster.

Feeble efforts

to save some species




than conservation.






It is difficult to understand

why representatives of the people

allow dumping of toxic waste

in our vulnerable waterways

at a time when water

is a diminishing resource

in a thirsty world

that cannot do without

the precious fluid.




Moving On


Bryant Park is so busy

that certain birds moved out,

unable  to compete

with pushy pigeons,

aggressive sparrows.

So birds I once saw,

vireo, catbird, thrush,

lots of migrators twice a year,

no longer appear to please the eye

and nobody else believes

they’re entitled to space.