Helvetia by Christopher Hopkins




Christopher Hopkins’ poems have appeared in 14 Magazine, The Morning Star, Indianapolis Review, Rust + Moth and Ink Sweat & Tears. He is the author of three chapbooks Take Your Journeys Home; The Last Time We Saw Strangers and The Shape of a Tulip Bird (all with Clare Songbirds). Christopher is currently under the mentorship of poet, Kim Lasky. He was born and grew up in Neath, South Wales and now resides in Faversham, Kent. 





























Like a wash of whale carcass, when she appears.

That would have been put to better use. 

Wouldn’t have seen a year.

Wouldn’t have seen a hundred years

intruding, not her innards 

decking out a kitchen floor.


This tragic spur in preaching arms.

Sea ribs, sky praising,

unanswered in the bay tide’s 

glitter consciousness,

in the fire mirrors of late ebb –

the silver blooded birth of night.


She is loved for her wound.

Her well-being, giving

the suitcase spectrum of sand blown 

views of good heart in her summer bone,

down to the softest green 

of a skeleton transposing


when November musta’s up for her again,

with all the hewn sail winds 

spinning ‘round her legs,

in the wedding silver of sky & sea,

the sounds of her yield retelling 

in the breaking waters,


by the thick hands of south-easterlies,

with their grey axes 

& bell kicks in thunder.

This carcass lady knows 

& shows no shiver,

there is no other consequence.



Christopher Hopkins


Helvetia shipwreck is today an easily 

recognised landmark of Rhossili, Gower, South Wales



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