Jam Tomorrow by Eileen Farrelly



Eileen Farrelly has written poetry, intermittently, for most of her life. Although the subject matter varies widely, she is often inspired by the ordinary things that trigger long-forgotten memories. Her poems have recently appeared in Atrium, The Gladrag and Marble. She is also a musician and songwriter and can often be found singing for beer in various pubs around Glasgow.





















Jam Tomorrow 






No need, these days,

when freezers heave

with tubs of glassy fruits

but something primal still propels us

down barbarous country lanes

basket in hand.

Discarding gloves, we offer blood

sacrifice in exchange for this

rich blistered berried abundance.,

Mouths seeping juice, baskets filled

to the brim, we bring them home

to be boiled, pulped, preserved

for colder days

when we will unfrock

each pot of its lacy frill

and release the genie of summer.


Eileen Farrelly