birds knit my ribs together by Phil Barnett



Phil Barnett has had a lifelong passion for the natural world. In particular for the area of countryside outside his front door in South Lancashire  – “The Patch”, where he walks on most days. Phil finds beauty in the ordinary – wonder in the everyday. He expresses this through music, painting, photography and more recently writing prose and poetry.



























birds knit my ribs together





birds knit my ribs together 

wrapped the corpse in feathers

song embalming; mummifying


wrens sipped cuckoo spit

spat it to a thimble


stirred in berry and honeydew

dripped the tincture drip by drop


a woodpecker bored my skull 

in trepanation


drummed a hole and wasps flew out


goldcrests’ needle calls put punctures

all along the kidney’s line


swallows’ flightlines skywrote my ill

when thrushes sang it out loud


a woodpigeon listened while

I told it secrets

laughed when I lied



Phil Barnett