Inter-City Fox by Wendy Dishman

Wendy Dishman has worked as a teacher for most of her adult life and has been a writer since childhood. Reading and writing are fundamental to who she is.
She recently moved to Winchester and is fascinated by the range of landscape and natural life on her new doorstep. Hampshire has its own voice, it speaks to Wendy and makes her happy.


Inter-City Fox


We stopped at frozen points today

(in a London suburb less than salubrious).

I looked at the brambled bank to my left

and saw a fox. My first.


He was gorgeous, my fox ,

a Christmas card of colour.

So unexpected:

my thrilled stare matched his early morning grin.


He’s still there when I close my eyes,

his look

piercing the ordinary

and transforming a Thursday morning

into a gift.



wendy dishman