Three Poems by Sharon Phillips


Sharon Phillips started learning to write poems a few years ago after she retired from her career in education. Her poems have been published online and in print, and have been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize (2017), the Indigo Firsts pamphlet competition (2018) and the WoLF Poetry Competition (2019). Sharon won the Borderlines Poetry Competition in 2017 and was among the winners of the Poetry Society Members’ Competition in November 2018. She lives on the Isle of Portland, in Dorset.



























Overhead white contrails

and in the bay a trawler,

its wake crosshatched

by herring gulls.


Near a path heaved

out of true by landslips,

a pale grey ammonite

among pink kiss-me-quick.


At the high-water mark,

orange netting, tangled

with blue nylon rope.


On a slab of hard slat

ripples etched in the mud

of a salt lake.





Signifying Spring




at noon a skein of geese skims

past      two kestrels wheel above

the bay      you see chiffchaffs

and wheatears skitter on the rocks


gone five        you get the washing

down from the line      to the west

a grey flurry of seagulls spirals

as the sky bleaches to lemon       


and a gleam of song comes

from your rooftop      a blackbird

perched on the aerial’s tip







By chance








After work, you stop at the harbour

and see a school of mullet

swim above the mud and weed,


whisk beneath a raft of litter

glimmer out again

spotlit by the evening sunlight,


each slim grey fish equidistant

from its neighbours, the flicks

of fin and tail so exact


that youre dazzled

by the swarm of chances

that encoded each fish


with the instinct

to swim close to the others

but never collide.


Sharon Phillips


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