Stars in pocket by Christopher Hopkins



Christopher Hopkins is a Welsh poet living in Faversham, Kent. He has received an IPPY, CLMP Firecracker and three Pushcart Prize nomination. He has two chapbooks published by Clare Songbirds, New York and his third The Shape of a Tulip Bird is due out this summer. Christopher is widely published including poems in The Morning Star, The Cortland Review, Rust + Moth and Ink Sweat & Tears.























Stars in pocket




Unmoored from our town

with all the stars in pocket.

Wire & tone

have become a wave.


I travel with no wiser bible

of homeland

in a dying tiger of a night,

decoding the red eyes of a stalking day.


I didn’t know the breeze,

until I felt its hand,

the sweet chill,

the behaviour of its touch out from land.


Sunken glitter balls and

churning wakes spread

out from our spur, iridescence

in the grey and green,


welcoming from the boxed

sea-night, the lullaby

of the engine’s hum,

and the whistling winds

of the lost bird’s prayers.


Christopher Hopkins