Gills by Hugh Greasley



Hugh Greasley is a poet and painter who uses landscapes as a means of exploring landscapes, people and memory. Explorations can be about such things as sunlight falling into a shed or the experience of visiting a wreck on a Cornish beach at night in the teeth of a gale.
Hugh also works as a visual artist, painting in oils and has had a scientific education. He has published seven collections of poetry. 


































When I was a fish

in the middle time

I had gills and a tail.

The other fishes became fish and even birds

but I became myself.

The first gill became my mouth, my lips, my jaw,

my cheek and my ears

and now when I talk and listen

I use my gills.



Hugh Greasley


‘Gills’ is part of Hugh Greasley’s Lunar Walk anthology. Lunar Walk was a collaborative project with Performance Artist Helena Eflerová, based on a night walk during full moon, down the river Itchen to the sea.


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