Nesting by Keith Tucker



Keith Tucker is an Oxfordshire based poet who through the mentorship of Elaine Baker has returned to poetry after many, many years in the creative wilderness. Because of his Anglo-Welsh-Canadian background a lot of Keith’s work explores identity and belonging as well as relationship and intimacy. In his day job he supports adults with autism and learning disabilities to use poetry and creative writing for self-expression, communication, and advocacy.

























you created us by way of nesting, gifting

the place where you are now;

the two-seater sofa a twig in your dove mouth.

emptied three bookshelves that I may roost

the freight of my being when the boxes arrive.


neither of us a songbird, nor caged canary,

nor lark homesteading a downland, yet

you made spaces to merge our songs,

my jazz brooding beside your Beethoven.


photographs hang as blossoms from your life,

you left picture hooks waiting, buds for memories

yet to be agreed. And I embrace your gift


as I embrace the optimism of the half

full wardrobe.



Keith Tucker