Crumbs from the table by Finola Scott


Finola Scott is widely published including in Gutter, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Ofi Press and The Fenland Reed. Recently she was one of the winners in The Blue Nib‘s chapbook competition and was runner up in Coast to Coast’s pamphlet competition. Her pamphlet is forthcoming from Red Squirrel this autumn. Her poetry can be found on fb at Finola Scott Poems.


















Crumbs from the table



Pinamar, Argentina


Across the Damp Pampas we escape to the very edge,

where the whipped Atlantic lifts its southern face,

distant from the crowded shanties of Buenos Aires.

Here the prosperous promenade. Well-oiled

they adore the sun, anoint and worship each other.


As the sun tumbles they hurry back to alarmed villas,

windows barred, gates high. In day’s dimming light

they fear hunger creeping in, squirming its way

south from steamy slums. Ever alert they sense it

rustle greedy in the undergrowth.


All night boar invade the tangled shade

of pungent pine and eucalyptus. Armadillos hunker

armour-ready while parakeet and emerald parrots

bicker over rich pickings.



Finola Scott


A version was previously published in Visual Verse,  December 2018


The girl who can talk to birds by Finola Scott