Owlswood Park by Patrick B. Osada



Patrick B. Osada  is an editor and also writes reviews of poetry for magazines. He recently retired after ten years on SOUTH Poetry Magazine’s management team and as the magazine’s reviews editor


His first collection, Close to the Edge was published in 1996 & won the prestigious Rosemary Arthur Award. He has published six collections, How The Light Gets In was launched in June 2018.


Patrick’s work has been broadcast on national and local radio and widely published in magazines, anthologies and on the internet.. 


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This old path ends, abruptly, at a fence

that circles round the place where trees had stood.

Once branches arched above a bluebell glade

but now, with scaffold poles, a forest’s made.



so from this world of brick all birds have flown;

no place of shelter for the roving deer

and rabbit, stoat and fox have disappeared.


In time the new estate will be unveiled

with streets named after “heritage we share” —

but not one creature, tree or plant remains

to prove this place was once more than their names.


Patrick B. Osada