Wildflower Reunion by R. Gerry Fabian



R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English Instructor who has been publishing poetry since 1972. His novels: Memphis Masquerade, Getting Lucky and Seventh Sense are available at Smashwords and his first book of poetry, Parallels, is now in bookstores. His second book of poetry, Coming out of the Atlantic, is forthcoming in 2019. Gerry is the editor of Raw Dog Press. His website is at: https://rgerryfabian.wordpress.com


















Wildflower Reunion




for L. D.


A vegetation friendship begins as a tiny seed

to which you pay very little attention.

What you lend to it may seem as nothing at all –

a pebble pushed aside.

A bit of sunshine on a cloudy afternoon

or a gentle nudge to get it straight again.

Small, open, insignificant gestures soon

blossom in a swaying spring wind as a song

in motion or better yet –

a dancer.



R. Gerry Fabian