Aurelia aurita by Jackie Biggs



Jackie Biggs’ second poetry collection, Breakfast in Bed, was published in Autumn 2019 by Indigo Dreams Publishing.  Her first, The Spaces in Between was published in 2015 by Pinewood Press.  She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She was Highly Commended in the Welsh International Poetry Competition and in the R S Thomas Festival Competition, both in 2019. She reads her work regularly at spoken word events all over west Wales, where she lives, and is a member of the Rockhoppers – Coast to Coast Poets performance group. Some of her poetry appears on her blog:  Twitter: @JackieNews




















moon jellies bump gently

against my body


as I float in the tide

of early morning, late spring


creatures without brain

blood, eyes, or heart


yet they are beautiful

free swimmers,


pulsing movers,

alive in their own light


iridescent silk, violet motifs.

We let the sea swallow us


and drift together

as they murmur secret stories


older than dinosaurs.



Jackie Biggs