Forest Culture by Lesley Cooke



Lesley Cooke was born and bred on the Isle of Wight but has lived nearly all of her adult life in Dorset. She has written poetry since her early teens but found that a career based on writing factual pieces tended to dim her poetic energy. Since retiring she has been able to devote more time to writing poetry and has been published on a handful of occasions to date. 






















We are the slow.

We are the sky walkers

the rain talkers.


We connect the underland and the windhome.

Musicians of the ground we draw                                 

water into a melody of leaves and air.


We taste the soil and find it good.

We grow that knowledge and our leaves                       

learn beauty from our roots.


Deep in the earth we commune                        

through the space where the cloudfall dwells.

The sun calls to the light in our sap,


we call back with our rain,

we raise it up and our leaves

open their mouths with praise.


Far away, rivers begin to fill.


Lesley Cooke


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