This Was My Tomato Patch by Alun Robert


Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical free verse. He has achieved success in poetry competitions across the British Isles and North America. His work is published regularly by literary magazines, anthologies and webzines in the UK, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Kenya, USA and Canada. He is a member of the Federation of Writers Scotland for whom he was a Featured Writer in 2019.


















This Was My Tomato Patch






just out of town

off the costal road

within parameters of urban planning

unintelligible to the masses

stands a new built office block

(possibly you know it)

multi-floors high

des res apartments on top

de rigueur exposed stainless steel

flecked concrete and marble

blue tinted reflective windows

florescent neon signs

full width sheltered verandas

daily manicured lawns

multi-coloured fountains

different spouts every hour

retail emporia at street level

zero occupancy “To let”

a gym in the bowels

not a jock in sight

of a car park for Porsche

for soft top Maserati

for metallic grey SUVs

but not a vehicle inside


was until a year past winter

my heritage

my smallholding

with greenhouses in pieces

shattered glass

rusting frames

occasional rouge tomatoes

withered leaves drooping

weeds as tight as my gut

when I completed the fire sale



Alun Robert


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