Polar by Geraldine Green




Geraldine Green is a creative writing tutor, editor and poet, with three poetry collections (Indigo Dreams Publishing) and four chapbooks. Her work is widely anthologised in the UK and USA.

As well as readings, workshops and a residential at Brantwood, this autumn sees her reading at two festivals: Borderlines Festival in Carlisle and the Kendal Mountain Literature Festival. In 2011 she gained a PhD in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Geraldine is writer-in-residence at the Quaker Tapestry Museum, Kendal. She was born, and still lives, in Cumbria with her husband Geoff and their Border collie, Roy.

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ice caps ice of north

& south re froze

just as the proph

ets fore

told and indeed 

it did come

to pass that

those who 


polar bears

turtles in their tangled

shells and feathered things in

their dreams re

told their

tale to

the next

gen er a tion

and in

deed it

d i d c o m e 









the earth rotated around the sun in seven long years of fire and storms


but never a g a i n


did pla ne t e a r t h

freeze as solid as it did back then when humans roamed and the earth quaked before

the great storm –

as foretold –

hit them.


and it came to pass that

inside each globular molecule of earthstar a

mother species was formed was

re   formed &

spilled guts inside a feathered dream.



Geraldine Green


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