No Waters More Clear by Susan Taylor




Susan Taylor began writing in her teens in the idyllic setting of her family farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds – Tennyson country. An ex-shepherd, she has become rather a turncoat now, with much sympathy for the plight of the wild wolf. She has seven published poetry collections, including Temporal Bones, published by Oversteps Books in July 2016.

Susan is a keen performer of her poetry and has developed and toured many collaborative poetry shows, including La Loba – Enchanting the Wild and The Weather House, which appeared as an Indigo Dreams Poetry Pamphlet in 2017.



























No Waters More Clear








I am stretched out in a bed of grief.

Green as watercress, it is.

I can feel the love of ones that love me

supporting me all around,


holding me,

like the water beneath the fronds

flowing through them constantly.

So here I am


able to shed these soft word seeds

among dark curling leaves of pain,

so fresh and tender that I begin

to understand more


the nature of bereavement. It is a spring

renewing itself from deep down.

The worst of losses has come into my life:

the loss of a child, loved and so loving,


young and so strong. He was taken

on impact by a freakish hurling force,

a race against time

in some stranger’s life.


Let there be no more race against time

for me. Time drifts on a bed of watercress.

There’s no waters more clear than here

in the quietest part of the stream


where cresses grow. During days

when I am stretched out floating,

 too stricken for tears, these words

shed my freshwater grief.



Susan Taylor