Le Touquet Conundrum by Alun Robert


Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical free verse. He has achieved success in poetry competitions across the British Isles and North America. His work is published regularly by literary magazines, anthologies and webzines in the UK, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Kenya, USA and Canada. He is a member of the Federation of Writers Scotland for whom he was a Featured Writer in 2019.


















Le Touquet Conundrum









Long train ride from Paris

Third Class standing

lugging two too many suitcases to

Étaples at last.

Long walk through town

over Canche bridge

tree-lined avenues into Le Touquet

cafés, beach, our gîte.


Le Touquet promenade

you and me

thousands of tourists

jostling for spring sun

postérieur on concrete

tepid to the touch

dipping toes into La Manche

caressing, meandering.


Debating dépression économique

little work for those wicked

few jobs back home for the aged:

you and me.

Shall we remain here from Paris?

Will we join a commune?

Can we posture au naturale

in a sheltered corner of Les Dunes?



Alun Robert


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