The Snowy Owl’s Screech by Josie Mahmood



Josie Mahmood started writing poetry during Lockdown when bored and out of ideas for things to do. In summer 2020, she was surprised but very pleased to win the children’s section of the Ledbury Poetry Festival Competition, judged by Liz Berry. As well as more poetry, she’s writing a novel, called “Pitch Black”, and enjoys gymnastics, watching Friends and Gilmore Girls, cooking, going out with her friends and spending time with her pets.























The Snowy Owl’s Screech


A Golden Shovel after James Reeves






A winter’s day is a glossy owl:

graceful and silent.

His feathers dance across his soft tender body as he flies.


On short winter days he soars,

drifting, drifting, drifting

through twirling, whirling flakes,

cries out in the pinching wind,

concealing itself in an everlasting circle of soft wing.


And when night’s icy breeze spins through the trees

and the moon wobbles in the speckled diamond sky

he bows his head, calling a screeched yelp of pride and

shaking his heavy snow-wet feathers,

he braves the dark in shining armour.


But on long summer days,

when the snow is deprived of its full glory

he screeches no more his yelp of pride.

With his head leaning above a heavy heart

he nests on the once cold landscape.


So eased so eased the snowy owl rests.



Josie Mahmood