Sparrow Haiku by Sue Spiers




Sue Spiers is British Mensa’s SIG Sec for Poetry and her first collection is called Jiggle Sac. Her poems have appeared in Acumen, Dream Catcher, South Bank Poetry, among others, and on-line at and Her work has been included in the Bloodaxe anthology Hallelujah for 50ft Women and in Paper Swans Press anthology Best of British.






















thin smooth sparrows

dance on twigs and shrubs

mock big fluffy cats


big fluffy cats

trespass our grass to watch birds

leap at empty air


six sparrows feeding

following the scattered seed

make room for seventh


sparrow hops to spear

green sword leaves quiver his weight

berryless ambush


the fence that fell down

through hurricanes, now love-perch

sparrow on sparrow


breeze ruffles feathers

each quill resumes its smoothness

how neat is plumage


where are wild back yards?

attention to straight green stripes

as the sparrow flies


sparrow’s decibel

proclaim leaves: my nest

gutter: my perch


sparrows paired-up songs

still flirt close to roof lines

gutter nest boxes


sparrow lovemaking

she: making herself ready

him: hop on, hop off


sparrows perch or flap

brush wings, sit to hatch, nestle

handless – do not touch



Sue Spiers


From Plague – A Season of Senryu.

To purchase directly from Sue, DM via Twitter @SpiroPoetry.


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