Five Haiku, Illustrated by Caro Reeves



Caro Reeves is an Irish painter and poet, who studied Fine Art in London, married, and has lived near Winchester for several hundred years.

She has paintings in Irish, British, French and American collections. A writer all her life, she only recently made this fact public. She spends most of her time in the garden.

A collection of Caro’s haiku will be published later this summer, proceeds going to Cancer Research. Contact Caro for details.


























Heedless of Lockdown,

words twirl on the dance floor that

once was my garden.



Caro Reeves








Drifting down the weeks,

I caught another Sunday,

but I let it go.



Caro Reeves







Take care of yourself,

as you would gentle a bird–

You are as precious.



Caro Reeves






Two collared doves grieve

in the great oak.  “Tsu cru cru”

they mourn, “Tsu cru cru?”



Caro Reeves







When you have found how

to listen, you will soon hear

music everywhere.



Caro Reeves