kingf isher just by Mark Goodwin




Mark Goodwin is a balancer, walker, climber, and stroller who speaks and writes in various ways in various places – on paper, on-line, blended with photos, to live audience, or through mixing his voice with field-recordings & soundscapes. Mark has published five full-length poetry collections & five chapbooks with Leafe Press’s Open House Editions, Longbarrow Press, Knives Forks & Spoons Press, Small Minded Books, Nine Arches Press, & Shearsman Books. Mark’s collection Steps (Longbarrow 2014) was a category finalist in the 2015 Banff Mountain Book Competition. His latest chapbook with Shearsman is All Space Away and In (June 2017). Another full-length collection, called Rock as Gloss, which focuses on climbing and mountain navigation, is forthcoming with Longbarrow Press. Mark lives on a boat in Leicestershire.







kingf       isher just 


           this moment hov


ered and tapped at

our boat’s window


                                        glass as he flew

off his call ribb



like swee                          t high


              pitched light



Mark Goodwin