A Plea for the Salton Sea by Kimmy Alan

Kimmy Alan is a wannabe poet from the land of Lake Woebegone. A retired steel worker who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Kimmy Alan pursed his love of poetry as a distraction while undergoing chemo and radiation. For him, poetry has proven to be a powerful catharsis as he is currently in remission. When he isn’t writing he spends time with his four wonderful nieces, whom he says “are driving him to pieces”.

a Plea for the salton sea

(Dedicated to the Salton Sea State Park and Recreation Area)


Oh Mother Earth hear my plea

Save the Salton Sea

Saline lake evaporating

Daily it recedes


Save the Salton Sea

For the cranes, grebes, swans

And the wintering geese


Save the Salton Sea

For the desert iguana, glossy snake

Kit Fox and the blonde desert coyote


Save the Salton Sea

For the thirsty palms, pungent mesquite

And the delightful Joshua tree  


Save the Salton Sea

For the desert pupfish, tilapia

White ibis and wood pewee


But most of all

Save the Salton Sea

For you

And for me


Kimmy Alan