No Ordinary Apothecary by Kate Young



Kate Young is a semi-retired teacher living in Kent. Her poetry has been published in webzines including Nitrogen House, Nine Muses Poetry and Ekphrastic Review. She particularly enjoys responding to Ekphrastic challenges as she also loves Art and painting. Kate is presently working on her pamphlet ‘Turning Stones Over’.

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I am no ordinary apothecary,

you will not ingest my vials



but naturally,

a spiritual remedy

from inside out

not outside in.


From my hand- sculpted box

I will source for you


reflective shards

of broken mirror

so you can see all angles,


a splinter of wood

to dig out prescription

printed on paper, ailing,


a glass of sand

to buy you time

before it runs away,


a bottled shell

so you can hear

an echoed cry for help,


a gasp of coral

to give you underwater breath

when you are drowning,


a cork bobbing

to keep you afloat

when champagne bubbles pop,


a flight of feathers

to raise your spirit,

wings to soar, healed.



Kate Young



First Published in Ekphrastic Review, 2019