Breaking the surface by Jackie Biggs



Jackie Biggs’ second poetry collection, Breakfast in Bed, was published in Autumn 2019 by Indigo Dreams Publishing. It was shortlisted in the Welsh Poetry Book Awards 2020. Her first collection, The Spaces in Between was published in 2015. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.She received a special mention in the 2020 Welsh International Poetry Competition, was Highly Commended in the same competition in 2019 and in the R S Thomas Festival Competition 2019. Some of her poetry appears on her blog:  Twitter: @JackieNews





















Breaking the surface








Sickle fins cut ocean calm

              rise and dip

                             rise and dip


two    three    four    five

              arcing through sealight

polished skin in spindrift


leaping over waterbeams


              we are here, we are here

              come play

              come play


make seaweed sail

               see jellyfish fly


snapping jaws   slapping tails

               smiley faced bottlenoses

chuckle in sunshine.


Mother and calf rise and dive

               rise and dive

                              follow them down


hear her whistle

               as she calls her name through oceans


               I am here    I am here

                             come play

                                          come play


geigercounter giggle  

               clicktick  tickclick

               click click  click click  click


finding friends in sound patterns

               cackles  snickers

               never silent


always shows her joy

               grins from eye to eye.



Jackie Biggs