Sundews by Stephen Bone




Stephen Bone’s work has appeared in various journals in the U.K. and U.S. and in numerous anthologies.

His first collection In the Cinema (Playdead Press) was published in 2014 and a pamphlet Plainsong (Indigo Dreams) was published in 2018.



Like something

you might find encased

in a paperweight’s glass


or snorkel over,

shimmering angel fish

in tow.


Ruby slippers, Red Ink,

Pale Rainbow, each name

an exact fit


for these wetland lovers,


for a luckless gnat

or damselfly;


each primed leaf

sprouting quills

tipped with a glittery deceit,

a viscous hell


disguised as a dewy heaven.


Stephen Bone

‘Sundews’ was previously published in Clear Poetry and Plainsong (Indigo Dreams 2018)