Beneath All This by Kim Ridgeon



Kim Ridgeon was born in Cornwall and lived in the old mining town of Camborne throughout his childhood. He worked as a teacher of English and Drama for twenty-five years until retiring early due to ill health. Kim moved to Glastonbury with his family in 1989 and still lives there overlooking the town and the Somerset Levels; an inspiration in much of his poetry.

Upon retirement Kim started to dedicate his creativity to writing poetry and has had three collections published: Middle Age Spread, Uncovering and, this year, Looking Out. There is also a booklet called Twenty + Five.

Kim finds the natural world forever fascinating and combines this influence with themes which consider time and memory. Writing poems is a liberating experience and having them read by other people is so gratifying.




















Beneath All This




Somewhere, beneath all this,

there is quiet change.

There is small vernal pulse,

imperceptible movement,

the order of things being arranged.


Already cyclamen have come to,

soft blue and purple fragility,

light as their primrose neighbours.

The magnolia labours silently,

its buds yet hiding spring revelation.


We, too, unfurl into fresh activity,

following the lead, the instinct

to emerge from winter isolation,

our faces turning toward still watery sun,

sensing, beneath all this, it has begun.





Kim Ridgeon