The Gift by Gordon Peters



Gordon Peters has published a pamphlet of poems, By Leaves Entwined [Jaggnath, 2012] and contributed to various collections such as Remember [by Paragram], and How Big is Your Wingspan [Otago University]. He hails from Moniaive in Scotland and has spent a working life as a social worker, academic and social services director before many years as a consultant in health and social development overseas. He lives in north London.























The Gift



He came in by chance

but how do I know that?

After all, I carry on not taking

the road not taken,

whereas when he puts one foot

glidingly after the other

then sits on haunches,

stares with silent seduction,

walks till he meets the rug,

snouts the tassle into a bundle,

then lies with chin resting

in that Zen pose,

who is to say how he chose.


Now he is always there.

Never fretful, often hungry,

lavish in comfort,

mean in moving,

an expert in nudging

and wordless communicator

who lives

in the realm of the senses.

We are the ones who feed and upkeep

yet he gives the most

and is mostly asleep.


Gordon Peters