Climate Change by Ibrahim Salihu

Ibrahim Salihu is an author, a poet and practising structural engineer.

A 21st century truth-tale wordsmith whose novel and chapbook: Malignant Minority and When The Sins of The Molluscs Are Washed Ashore are now available.

Climate Change


‘Climate change’, another liturgy is sung

The motley crowd, their hollow cries

These intoned chants, a woven theme

Maybe a requiem canticle

Maybe their new season prayer

But this is not saints’ day

And maybees do not fly in protests

The wind whispers science propounded theories without punctuation

The hills echo, their pitch, crude

The rebooted interlude trails dusk

Time-travels past dawn

The atmosphere clothes in oversized cauldron

Today’s warnings, Tomorrow’s secrets

Have left the field, bald as coot

My eyes sparkle, the colour of snow

My voice, full of the seasonal lag’s cruelty

Tomorrow’s world,

Records our sins

And will forgive not.


Ibrahim Salihu