Lockdown by Sue Mackrell



Over the last year Sue Mackrell, like so many others, has sought solace in the natural world. She has also enjoyed time spent writing poetry in the company of a black cat called Harry, re-homed from the RSPCA just before lockdown.

Her work is often influenced by a London-Welsh heritage, but she now lives and works in the East Midlands and her research and writing projects have been funded by the Arts Council, English Heritage, and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Sue’s poems can be seen in many anthologies and journals including: Agenda Poetry, A review of #MeToo (Fairacre Press), Ekphrastic Review, Bloody Amazing (Dragon Yaffle), Diversifly (Fairacre Press) and Please Hear What I’m Not Saying , a poetry collaboration for MIND (Fly on the Wall Poetry).

She has MA in Creative Writing and was a lecturer for several years at Loughborough University. She  has also facilitated creative writing workshops in Higher and Further Education, schools, museums, art galleries, hospitals, and with ex offenders.

































Time enough      for   

 primrose     violet     flowers      to become seed-heads –

   bluebells unfurl     ferns uncoil    cherry blossom


                                    in the wind –

rosettes of lilac purple       tendrils of honeysuckle    twine      around

roses    blooming               and


Time enough



Time enough    for

 a  beak   to   chip   and crack    its way  to light

elastic mouth agape          downy stubs      give way to feathers    

        fluttering    on  nest edge


Time enough



Time enough    for

a jelly ball to develop

tail fins              gills                vibrating tail

 limb buds      folded    back legs         stretching


Time enough


Time enough      for

 an  egg                under a nettle leaf

 to   hatch into         jointed body      jaws       

    pupate into chrysalis      skin

splitting          wings

 emerging  –     


single butterfly                 on buddleia    



Red admirals       Ringlets              Marbled whites        Holly blues

       Hairstreaks             Fritillaries              Peacocks   

  Silver spotted skippers      Yellow brimstones      Tortoiseshells

Time enough



Sue Mackrell


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