Not Yet by Lisa Creech Bledsoe



Watched by crows and friend to salamanders, Lisa Creech Bledsoe is a hiker, beekeeper, and writer living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She is the author of two full-length books of poetry, Appalachian Ground (2019), and Wolf Laundry (2020). She has new poems out or forthcoming in American Writers ReviewThe Main Street Rag, The Public Poetry 2020 Anthology, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, and River Heron Review, among others.

























the waning summer gleams with fat

apricots and onions

walnuts waiting to blacken


the crows accept where I walk —

their nestlings

never learned fear of me


the south wind and

sharpening stars tied

to the branches of bedtime

remind me

to watch

for the last hummingbird to pack


it’s not yet time

not yet


the jewelweed hasn’t

tilted out

her fat bumbles

I never found the owl


don’t want to close down

the hives

just yet


I’m not ready

not ready


one more story

one more glass of wine

on the porch


and possibly

a quilt


Lisa Creech Bledsoe


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