To a Felled Tree by Karen Wolf



Karen Wolf has been published in Smokey Blue Literary and Art Magazine, The Wagon Magazine, Oasis Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Bookends Review, The Drunken Llama, Blynkt, Raw Dog Press, Street Light Press, Lady Blue Literary Arts Journal, Ripcord Magazine and many others. Her chapbook, THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2018.













To a Felled Tree






that announced our road better than

                        the vehicle-struck-almost-lying-down-reflective

sign. Your wind tossed leaves beaconed

me home from exhausting hot

              and humid runs, fall

bike rides lit

              by your multicolored

crispness, snow

              trudging dog walks under your bare

branches, your

midsection a secure

            incubator for squirrels, big red bats,

raccoons. Your skyward


roots tossed across the road by orange-

            shirted county workers. Your massive

trunk piled against blue

pipes to bring city water to country folks content

            with their ponds and wells.



             I miss you…



Karen Wolf