Cloudburst by Kerry Darbishire



Kerry Darbishire, songwriter and poet, grew up in the Lake District where she continues to live, find inspiration and write in a wild area of Cumbria. Her poems have appeared widely in anthologies and magazines and have won or been listed in several competitions, including the Bridport shortlist 2017, and the 2018 PBS Mslexia Poetry Competition. Her first poetry collection, A Lift of Wings, was published in 2014 by Indigo Dreams. A biography, Kay’s Ark, the story of her mother, was published in 2016 by Handstand Press.

Her second poetry collection, Sweet on my Tongue, was published by Indigo Dreams in 2018 and is a finalist in the Cumbria Culture Awards 2019. She co-edited the new Handstand Press Cumbrian Poetry Anthology, This Place I know. Kerry is currently working on a pamphlet and a new full collection.





























You bring the worst

      rain-loosened slopes

             gravel-bind and dirt

             bracken shredded      wire and mud

      the sigh of summer

paths rolled to rubble

stained fleece and turf  

      injected earth

             a smell     a taste that I can’t name

              brash and stones to jam gates and streams

      things birds-of-prey leave behind

for us to find in dreams

you bring disturbing trash      carcasses and bones

      and from the shoulder of the fell

             a robin’s song    tangled weave

             my geese and dogs    a dying frog

      one last yellow rose    heather      harebells    

ripe walnuts thrown to the floor

like dice     the fear

      of drowning to my door

             to mice and moles once safe and dry     

              water pipes for homes           

      you bring a squall         the greyest cry  

like hawk wings tearing from the sky 




Kerry Darbishire



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