Shades of Summer by Kate Young



Kate Young is a semi-retired teacher living in Kent. Her poetry has been published in webzines including Nitrogen House, Nine Muses Poetry and Ekphrastic Review. She particularly enjoys responding to Ekphrastic challenges as she also loves Art and painting. Kate is presently working on her pamphlet ‘Turning Stones Over’.

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Summer feels intense today,

vivid thumbs of sprawling lawn

clutch at daisies, the unwanted,

and so many happy memories-

children’s footfall chasing birds

or bubble-wands round roses,

a spillage of palette on bed.


In the corner by the kitchen door

the hydrangea smiles slowly,

each bloom coated in gloss of

indigo-blue, your favourite shade.

For this is your hydrangea

potted from your terracotta tub,

before you became a snapshot,

before we could grow old.



Kate Young



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