Hoverfly Observing by Steve Xerri



Steve Xerri has been a teacher, musician and designer. He was Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2017 and has been published in numerous print and online magazines. His first pamphlet Mutter/Land was recently brought out by Oystercatcher Press, from whose site it may be ordered http://www.oystercatcherpress.com






Hoverfly Observing











Suddenly there, as though

materialising in mid-air,

she settles on the damp shirt 

I’m pegging to the line,

zips off to the landing-pad

of a yellow-dusted fennel

umbel and then, the touch

of her wire legs barely felt

by my human skin, alights

to turn a moment or two

on my outstretched


          Benign banded

mock-wasp, air-dancer,

brief passer-through,

provoker of a little pulse

of fondness, I greet you,

feeling myself rooted

and measured by your

observing presence.


Steve Xerri


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