four hares by Sheila Lockhart





Sheila Lockhart is a retired social worker and lives on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands with her partner and two Icelandic horses, tending her garden and writing poetry. She has been published in Northwords Now, Nine Muses Poetry, Twelve Rivers (Suffolk Poetry Society), the StAnza Poetry Map of Scotland, The Writers’ Cafe and the Ekphrastic Review.


















four hares 

Carn Glas, Earth Day 2020







sapphire bright meteors

spill from the sky  

pierce screwed eyes


beside the shieling

ravens flap and creak

over a dead sheep


held to this ancient circle

by gravity of stones

I contemplate funeral rites


an east wind blows

ashes scattered  

over waves of stubble




then I spot them

black dots on periscopic ears

spines like bronze helmets


dip and rise unkiltered

through the furrows

four hares in delirium


the heart leaps

to the parabolic sweep

and speed of their chase


the sudden pause

to parry and punch

the dash of defeat


two seek refuge

in a stone dyke wall

the scent of fresh grass


while the bonded pair

flatten in a furrow

of warmed earth



Sheila Lockhart