Calla Lilies by Heidi Morrell


Writing since the age of nine, Heidi Morrell has been published in magazines, anthologies, and ezines. Her poetry chapbook Also As Well is published by Finishing Line Press and her collection of award-winning poetry, Old As Rain, is published by Ex Ophidia Press. 

Heidi’s fiction can be found in Blue Skirt Press; Oval Magazine; Tomato Anthology; Ink Monkey Press; Dual Coast Magazine, 2 Elizabeths micro story and her middle-grade book, Lane’s Diamond (Cawing Crow Press), is available on Amazon.

Heidi lives in Los Angeles with her two kids, patient husband, one dog and two cats.



















Calla Lilies



Digital parameters needle me

like a cold aching wind,

drying your skin, and shortening muscles.

Electronic furrows dont drain well,

nor are they fertile with humus,    

and spring slowly creeps in.


I hook a Calla lily stem,

and rob the stamen of the creamy

pollen hovering like small atmosphere

around its finger planet.

I rub it on my cheek

in a sudden ridiculous ritual,

drawing in some earthly connection.


Perhaps a small salutation

to the security of seasons,

terrestrial rhythms

amid the cement, exhaust,

and screens that delineate most days.




Heidi Morrell