Leaf Spirit by Angela Ward



Angela Ward is co-owner of Butterfly Cottage Garden Plants. Previously she worked for the NHS. She is a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor. Angela has been writing poetry for thirty years. Until recently, her poems languished in a cardboard box in her spare room!





















Leaf Spirit


After a sculpture by Simon Gudgeon, displayed at ‘Sculpture by the Lakes’






I am born of maple leaf, cast in smooth bronze,

a weather-warmed, finger-tipped caressed face, eyes closed.

Hidden within swaying hues of willow and bamboo:

a sigh of peace, leaf rustle, wind and water splash.

Coolness beneath my feet.


I reflect the seasons changing:

yellow-rust autumnal fall, melding to rich earthiness;

a snow-cap melt;  a blue-sky peeping

through sunlight-peppered willow weeping.

I rise golden in summer.


I will ease the wing-flutter chatter of your mind,

soothe a racing heartbeat, slowly

spread a root connecting deep down

inside your sighing willow soul.

I will make you whole.


I am the peace you seek:

a space to rest,

to dream,

to breathe,




Angela Ward


It’s a Flower on Chalk by Angela Ward