Elements by Rebecca Parker



Rebecca Parker is based on the coast of Fife, Scotland. Her work has most recently appeared in Gutter, The Curlew, and online at The Poetry Village. She is a member of the publishing team at Tapsalteerie.


























See that day we found a forest fire

roasting the ramsons, that sizzling garlic smell

all down the path and my back baking

in the crackling sun while the bracken

crisped and snapped, and melted your shoes

as you stamped

                              And even the flames withered

mercifully on the hillside, like they too were

wrung out, drained, extinguished by this heat


in the shade of the canopy meeting the sheer glen side,

an ancient feeling as I sat on the pebble bed, smoke

in my hair, hearing a dreamy hiss and pop of embers


               The water gurgling through my toes; ash floating down the burn.



Rebecca Parker