Touched by Jenny McRobert



Making the transition from Psychologist to poet has been Jenny McRobert’s most pleasurable journey.  Despite the disadvantage of being taught it at school, poetry has been her lifelong passion.  She has always known it, though her career demanded writing of a different sort (Psychology textbooks and articles). Her poems have appeared in Dream Catcher Magazine, and online Journals: Ink Sweat & Tears, Picaroon Poetry, The High Window and Words for the Wild. Her first collection will be published by The High Window Press in 2021.  She lives in a house on The Watercress Way with her husband Bob.




































the unravelling path frays

a spindling yarn


swirling violet and green,

in rain pools like dreams

that tinge a restless night.


Mud sucks at slow boots,

sliding down,

pushing up brambles


hollow faced,

hostile homes

like burnt-out city slums.


Travel sick with the inward journey,

I look up, 

and they are there,

where they have always been,


shocks of thick green hair 

in the brown baldness of winter;

Yew trees


huddled in on each other as if for warmth.

Soft-veined old arms of time,

beckon me to their counsel.


I touch the ancient,

the slow seeping memory of pagan

the warp and weft  


of tangled roots;

that sing of the time when earth

once lost its battle with sky.


Time stutters and stalls,

as I pad-out thoughts

in small steps,         


author of my own mystery play

where the broken mind is

born again. 



Jenny McRobert


First published in Picaroon Poetry Issue #12


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