Spring by Peter Burrows


Peter Burrows is a librarian in the North West of England. After recently starting to write again his poems have appeared in The North; The Interpreter’s House; Ink, Sweat and Tears and other journals, and most recently in  Coast to Coast to Coast; Marble Poetry;  The Curlew; Dodging the Rain; Dream Catcher; Northwords Now and shortlisted in The Hedgehog Press Cupid’s Arrow Love Competition. 






















Sourcing its descent

slinking across sloping track

meltwaters headwaters bubbling fresh

swell and overflow the leafy stone trough     

this running spill  almost invisible 

dashripples   splits  as outstretched fingers


                                                           ambles aside runs

                                               back in

a dog lick   a light slick 

trickling mirage

fizzing tyres unseen

                                    softly scours

shifts grit  tumbles gravel

mudsplashes rock

gently gouges tracks

                                                   insects  leaves debris

                                                   caught helpless

                                                   eddy its wet-eyed pools

each year hatched toads

hundreds upon hundreds

ford its wet plains      deltas that hold

delay   as thought charged   swirling  before

once more  drop chases drop 

fast past its surrounds        relaid tracks 

                                                adjacent farm

channels  divines senses in unison 

its undeniable descent         escapes

under gate down grassy cascades

                       culverts awash

                       flushing the lush field’s brook

just before the Limey’s flow


its endless course




Peter Burrows



Sweeping the Sands by Peter Burrows